"out of many, one people: Sisterhood"
I am excited to share that I am a featured artist for the Women of the Diaspora Leadership Conference!! I'm excited to be apart of this women's leadership conference. This is taking place in October 2015. Also, my commissioned artwork is featured on the site! Please click here for more details about the conference and to see my artwork. This conference is a sisterhood event. So ladies I look forward to you joining me in Montego Bay, Jamaica in October!!

While in Paris, I started these two blogs. Check it out and enjoy! :
Updates for 2012 soon to come ;)
Check out my blog for news:
Showing NOW ( July-August)
Group Exhibition - SHOWING NOW
Tedda Hughes Gallery/ Boutique
San Francisco, CA

This group exhibition features the first ever video screening of footage from the Sundy Bess "Come On In My Kitchen" Tour!!! within the installation. Come on down and sign up, and maybe your kitchen will be our next stop.
October 24, 2009

Come out and join me as we all costume it up at Tedda Hughes
for the Opening reception of Dollhouse Monsters

When: Saturday October 24, 2009, 7-10pm
Where: Tedda Hughes Gallery/ Boutique

"Aaaaaaaaattt Laaaaast...."
Gon girl! Sang that song!

When: August 30 - September 26, 2009
*Satuday Sept 5, 2-4pm enjoy live acoustic melodies
from Billy Banks and meet the Artist

Where: Chameleon Cafe
1299 Pacific Ave
San Francisco, CA
(corner of Pacific and Leavenworth)

Beyond Recognition
Exhibition: Beyond Recognotion
Where: Space Gallery
1141 Polk Street
San Francisco, California
When: Friday July,2009
June 2009 Exhibition at Tedda Hughes
Opening June 27, 2009
Tedda Hughes
1623 polk street
San Francisco, California 94109

Come out! Come out!
*April 7, 2009 The best is yet to come!
........uuum I sold a painting (OMG! the greatest ! Clap for Jesus! sooooo good); saw five dolphins at the beach in Malibu; Started making sweet musical sounds, with drums and all....ka ka! ka ka!

I'm also in an all women show at Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland, California. The show stays up until April 22, 2009.

aaaaaaaannnd! I should have some videos on the way pretty soon ;-)
*July 14, 2007 - ANONYMOUS RAGE
Here's something to jump up and down about:
My new works are exihibited in
"Anonymous Rage"
on view July 14 - August 31
Sub-basement Artist Studios
118 N. Howard Street
Baltimore MD, 21201

*May 13, 2007
Today was Mother's Dzay. I spent it with my Mom. We had a good time!
It's close to 2 in the morning right now and I'm just getting around to making some art...sketch or paint or whatever. I gotta aproach it like that tonight 'cause I take stuff so seriously sometimes that it's not even fun, and I don't get anything accomplished.

I've been reading this book, on and off, titled "Seducing the Demon" by Erica Jong. There was a statement in it given by Jong's mentor,
Anna Karenina that gave me some encouragement. Jong was terrified of publishing her second book of poems. Anna said:

"Don't dwell on the book's reception. The point is to get on with it --- you have a life's work ahead of you ---- no point in dallying around waiting fro approval. We all want it, I know, but the point is to reach out, honestly --- that's the whole pont."
Right now?
I love my life! And I'm excited about the things to come! And I hold dear in my heart the beautiful times that have past.